Experience. Expertise. Sophistication. Dedication.

Today’s world is complicated. Whether you’re involved in a complex business transaction or a thorny legal dispute, the issues involved have become more complex, dynamic, and interconnected – requiring a law firm that can keep up.

At Sneed, Vine & Perry, P.C., we’re here to help you make sense of it all, combining the depth and breadth of our legal and business acumen with local market knowledge to limit risk and deliver positive results.

After 90 years in Austin, our firm combines deep subject-matter expertise with broad industry experience that rivals the most agile, sophisticated legal teams.

Our attorneys are respected leaders in their fields – and in the community – known for their insight, integrity, and commitment to excellence. They’ve earned the trust of clients and colleagues, and the respect of judges and opposing counsel – both in Texas and across the country – by exercising objective, independent judgment of the highest standards.

Whether you’re an individual seeking counsel for a personal matter, or a national organization seeking representation in a high-profile transaction, we have the skills and talents to address your most pressing and complex legal needs.

And while much about Sneed, Vine & Perry, P.C. has changed since 1926, we still honor and uphold the values of our founding partners: respect for the rule of law, pride in an excellent work product, and commitment to the client’s cause.

Business & Corporate Law

The attorneys at Sneed, Vine & Perry, P.C. represent a wide range of clients from individuals to large multinational ventures in a variety of  business and transactional matters. Our attorneys also serve as outside general counsel for numerous companies, providing assistance with day-to-day legal and advisory matters.

Commercial Litigation

At Sneed, Vine & Perry, P.C., we understand the need to achieve our clients’ goals while keeping costs in check. Although we are proud of being tenacious litigators when necessary, we are always careful to temper this tenacity with an honest evaluation of the case, and a constant awareness of the need to achieve the best possible result at a reasonable cost.

Commercial Real Estate

The attorneys in Sneed, Vine & Perry, P.C.’s commercial real estate group are trusted experts in handling a wide range of real estate matters in Texas, and throughout the country, representing real estate investors, developers, private equity firms, REITs, institutional lenders, title companies, school districts, and individuals.

Construction Law

Sneed, Vine & Perry, P.C.’s construction law group represents owners, general contractors, and subcontractors in commercial construction matters. We also represent general contractors and subcontractors on residential projects.

Estate Planning & Probate

Sneed, Vine & Perry, P.C.’s estate planning and probate group has more than 80 years of collective experience in Texas probate, estate planning, and trust law, as well as the deep respect of the judges and staffs of Travis, Williamson, and other Central Texas county probate courts.

Land Development & Use

The attorneys in Sneed, Vine & Perry, P.C.’s land development and land use group have experience and expertise in all aspects of law and regulations governing the development of land, including zoning, historic preservation ordinances, restrictive covenants, environmental regulations, annexation, subdivision and site plan approval.


Mediation is a voluntary process for resolving disputes prior to litigation or anywhere along the life of a legal dispute. Sneed, Vine & Perry, P.C. offers mediation services through Chris Stanley, a shareholder with the firm who has been a mediator for more than 25 years.

Real Estate Lending

The attorneys in Sneed, Vine & Perry, P.C.’s real estate lending group have a wealth of experience representing lenders and borrowers in real estate financing, including commercial and residential loans, home equity loans, permanent and interim construction loans, bridge loans, conduit loans, and mezzanine loans.

Residential Real Estate

The attorneys in Sneed, Vine & Perry, P.C.’s residential real estate group are trusted experts in handling a wide range of residential real estate matters in Texas, representing institutional and private real estate investors, developers, individual buyers and sellers, institutional and private lenders, and title companies.

Tax Law

The attorneys at Sneed, Vine & Perry, P.C. are experienced in helping clients anticipate and plan for future tax issues. We provide experience-based advice on planning, reporting, document retention, and other pre-controversy matters. Additionally, we represent clients during all administrative and investigative phases of civil tax investigations, examinations, and IRS lawsuits.