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Commercial Real Estate

The attorneys in Sneed, Vine & Perry, P.C.’s commercial real estate group are trusted experts in handling a wide range of real estate matters in Texas, and throughout the country, representing real estate investors, developers, private equity firms, REITs, institutional lenders, title companies, school districts, and individuals.

The breadth of this experience gives us a unique ability to understand the needs and requirements of the various parties involved in a real estate transaction, identify commercially reasonable alternatives to address client concerns and mitigate risk, anticipate and resolve potential disputes and delays, and coordinate real estate closings in the most time-effective and cost-efficient manner.

Illustrative matters include:

  • Acquisitions & Dispositions – Representation of purchasers and sellers in the transfer of real estate assets, including coordinating buyers, sellers, lenders, qualified intermediaries, title companies, and underwriters to complete closings in a timely manner.
  • Leasing – Representation of landlords and tenants in lease negotiations, amendments, subleases, lease disputes, and lease workouts.
  • Banking & Finance Transactions – Representation of lenders and borrowers in connection with real estate financing and negotiate and close loans for borrowers involving private lenders, regional lenders, national lenders, CMBS, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and HUD.
  • Real Estate Loan Legal Opinions – Delivery of Texas legal opinions required by lenders for financing transactions involving Texas properties, loan documents governed by Texas law, or out-of-state transactions involving Texas borrowers.
  • Business Entity Formation – Representation of sponsors/developers and equity investors in the formation and negotiation of corporate entities formed for the purpose of real estate investment and operation.
  • Land Use – Representation of land owners in connection with land use entitlements and development approvals, including the navigation of restrictive covenants, zoning, and regulations impacting the development and use of land including residential subdivisions and multi-use commercial properties.
  • Title Insurance – Representation of clients in obtaining title insurance and asserting title insurance claims, in ownership and title disputes, and in other title insurance coverage matters.
  • Asset Types – Raw land, single family, multi-family, small to large subdivisions, ground leases, mixed-use, office, retail, hotels, assisted living facilities, self-storage, and others.